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City of Bones

City of Bones - Cassandra Clare I had looked at one of the later books to buy for my niece, but was worried it was a little to adult for a 14 year old. Then I found this first of the series in a second hand bookstore. Being a fan of Fantasy, including Young Adult, I really wanted to read it.
As I prefer starting books of a series, with the first one, I was pleased to find book 1 of the Mortal Instruments. I enjoyed the story, although a few places I would prefer to have 'edited' as I felt they were not quite congruent with the characters. Probably why only 4 stars. The one main twist, I had already suspected at the outset. But it might be a hidden memory from the synopsis on the later book's cover. The ending also left me irritated but I suppose that was to draw one into the next book. I prefer cleaner breaks. So now I need to go find the next 4 books to finish the story.
I enjoyed Cassandra Clare's writing style, so will add her to authors I want to read.